Game Dev Resources

Unity Movement AI - Movement AI Library for Unity.

Unity Toolbox - An assortment of useful Assets you can import into your Unity projects.

Pathfinding in Unity - Find paths in Unity Tilemaps with A* Search.

Breadth First Search in Unity - Reusable Breadth First Search and Traversal.

How to Design a New Game - A guide to designing a new game.

Perlin Noise Grid - A small class to create a grid of random noise at a given scale.

List Extension Methods - Extend C# lists to have shuffle and random element methods.

Tile Component - A component that is also a Tile in a Tilemap.

Singleton Components - Inherit from this Manager component to create new singletons.

Screen Transition Bars - A screen transition made up of bars.

Pigment Sort

Pick a level and sort the colors back into their starting order. Tap on any two colors to swap them. Drag your finger to rotate the level. Try your best to sort all 6 levels!

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LINEMAN is my Global Game Jam 2018 game made with this amazing group. Fight your way to the end of the street and provide power to the tower at the end.

Map Shifter

I made this game for Ludum Dare 35. Each enemy and bubble you destroy comes back somewhere else on the map. You can never clear the map, just change its shape. See how many obstacles you can destroy before you die.