Basic Stopwatch

Basic Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch app with no ads. It also allows you to edit the stopwatch time if you forget to start/stop the stopwatch when you were supposed to.

Cook n Share

Make food with blocks and share them so others can see your beautiful work!

Cupcake Collective

A simple creation app - create cupcake art by choosing wrappers, cake, icing, frosting, and toppings. Save your work to a gallery, and view your existing cupcakes. Have fun! Get creative!

Sleep Over Tussle

You are having an ultimate battle royal sleep over with all of your best buds! That means there will be a lot of tussling. Fight all your friends as long as you can!

( note friends, sleep over, and fighting should be left up to your imagination because I can't actually draw any of that )

Territory Draw

Try to color as much of the map as you can before time runs out. Where ever you move you will color the ground and when ever you have complete loop of your color the inside will be filled.