Game Dev Resources

Unity Movement AI - Movement AI Library for Unity.

Unity Toolbox - An assortment of useful Assets you can import into your Unity projects.

Pathfinding in Unity - Find paths in Unity Tilemaps with A* Search.

Breadth First Search in Unity - Reusable Breadth First Search and Traversal.

How to Design a New Game - A guide to designing a new game.

Perlin Noise Grid - A small class to create a grid of random noise at a given scale.

List Extension Methods - Extend C# lists to have shuffle and random element methods.

Tile Component - A component that is also a Tile in a Tilemap.

Singleton Components - Inherit from this Manager component to create new singletons.

Screen Transition Bars - A screen transition made up of bars.

Unity Tile Mesh Paint - A Unity Editor Tool which lets you paint 2D tiles on 3D meshes.